Meal Preferences & Menu Options

Easily ask each guest to select a multi-course meal options and specify any dietary restrictions.

Customize Your Menu

Customize your meal options with descriptions and icons. Collect requests for multiple courses.

Collect Dietary Restrictions

Ask guests if they have any special dietary needs or food allergies that you need to be aware of.

Caterer-Ready Reports

Pre-built spreadsheet exports that include your guest’s meal choices and seating information.

Manage different menus for different types of attendees. Use contact tagging to differentiate types of invitees and set meal blocks to show only to specific invited guests. Perfect for handling kids meal options, or special options for VIP guests.

Know how many of each meal preference option have been requested at a moments notice.

Set quantity limits fo any options provided to control how many invitees can select each option. Set a price for all or special menu options.